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Siddha Mala 2

This rudraksha mala of all mukhis from 1 to 14 and includes Gauri Shankar and Ganesha. This mala is considered to cover all everyday life obstacles such as work, family, law, anxiety. Because of the combination it becomes a very powerful mala which is mentioned in the Shiva puran and the Lord says one becomes full of Shaivatva or acquiring the status of Lord Shiva himself.

Total Price = 29999.00

Mixed of Indonesia and Nepal


In order to change humans spiritual and the physical, rudraksha plays a significant role in large impaction of central nervous of human its physiology. Rudraksha is the most sacred bead joining people immediately to Lord Shiva. Rudraksha bring auspiciousness in their lives and are continually working to giving benefits Rudraksha will help with sudden jittery. Persons who have been such problems should keep one five Mukhi rudraksha with those. Once they will feel anxious due to sudden chock and freezes they should be glued to your his right palm in 10 minutes. They are going to regain their self confidence as well as their body will start to Warming up.