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This rudraksha mala of all mukhis from 1 to 14 and includes Gauri Shankar and Ganesha. This mala is considered to cover all everyday life obstacles such as work, family, law, anxiety. Because of the combination it becomes a very powerful mala which is mentioned in the Shiva puran and the Lord says one becomes full of Shaivatva or acquiring the status of Lord Shiva himself.

In the Padma puran, "Wearing all the mukhis makes a person like myself. Therefore O Son! one should make all efforts to wear this rudraksha" said Lord Shiva. It increases visualisation (14 mukhi) and therefore covers all mundane activities. It's the most healing of all malas.

We at eRudraksha have had numerous clients who have benefitted from wearing this mala, from stopping antidepressants to calmer and less anger.